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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What can be done about it?

What's on my mind these days is the state of 'our' government.  I say 'our', because the governance "of the people, by the people, for the people" as it states in Lincoln's Gettysburg Address has become a governance "of the rich and powerful, and to hell with everyone else". 

Where to begin?  Let's start with the FDA since that's the first agency that springs to mind and the one at which I'm the most angry, upset and bewildered - at the moment. 

The FDA is supposed to be the regulatory agency in charge of approving drugs that have been proven, through various means, fit for human use.  First off, the agency is headed by either former or current employees of major pharmaceutical companies (Big Pharma).  That's a huge no no right out of the starting gate. Then there is the fact that the FDA takes money from Big Pharma to expedite the approval of drugs. 

I could go on a lengthy and involved rant about the FDA involving certain 'alternative cancer therapies' and how the doctors who come up with these therapies are systematically discredited through any and all means (and I mean ALL), including but not limited to:  grand jury indictments, media smear campaigns, congressional hearings, raids, confiscation of property without due process, National Cancer Institute (NCI) warnings, and other more heinous means.  These FDA efforts cost taxpayers millions of dollars and forces these doctors to to spend great sums of money, time and effort to fight the proceedings.  Often the doctors just give up and go practice in other countries.  Rather than detail these proceedings, I've included some links at the bottom of this page which will give you the full story.

You would THINK that the FDA must be trying to protect the American people but you would be wrong.  The cancer therapies approved by the FDA are chemo, radiation and surgery.  Period.  Who benefits most from these three so-called therapies?  You got it:  Big Pharma, the medical equipment business and Cancer Doctors (Oncologists).  Sometimes these therapies cure people of cancer.  More often, however, people with certain types of cancer (inoperable brain cancer, notably), are killed by the therapies designed to help them, or it renders them into a vegetative state and THEN they die.

The truth of the matter is that cancer therapy is all about money.  Money for Big Pharma, Oncologists, the medical equipment business and the government.  It's not about curing cancer.  That is exactly the LAST thing anyone in that industry wants to have happen, despite what they constantly tell us.  In fact, the FDA and Big Pharma will allow you to die, even systematically CAUSE you to die, in order to discredit any therapy that does not make money for them.  True story.  Investigate it for yourself.  Look at the movies I've provided links to below.  Particularly the Dr. Burzynski movie.  That's a real eye-opener!

You ask:  What about the Susan G Komen Foundation?  What about the National Cancer Institute?  What about Livestrong?  Yeah, they just want your dollars too.  It's not about cure.  If you remember that, then you've saved yourself buckets of money and have kept it out of the hands of people who are profiteering from the suffering of hundreds of thousands of individuals with cancer.

What if you or someone close to you gets cancer?  I put a some links below to a couple of alternative therapies.  Call either one of these clinics and talk to them.  I sincerely hope you investigate these BEFORE you allow your physician to administer chemotherapy or radiation or cut into your body. 

So my title question is:  What can be done about it?  The answer is THINK, INVESTIGATE, don't be mislead by people with an agenda, and most of all - always and forever - take care of YOURSELF! 


watch The Gerson Miracle on Youtube.com

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